Accident Investigation and Data Q’s


We have had numerous requests in the past 10 months to challenge crashes.  This program is limited to the 8 items below. Attached is a guide to determine if a crash is preventable or non preventable.  It should be used to coach drivers for improvement.  GUIDE FOR DETERMINING IF ACCIDENTS ARE PREVENTABLE OR NONPREVENTABLE_edited 05.29.18

FMCSA’s Crash Preventability Demonstration Program is now accepting Requests for Data Review (RDR).

If you have an eligible crash that occurred on or after June 1, 2017, you may submit an RDR with compelling evidence to show the crash was Not Preventable. During the Demonstration Program, eligible crashes are limited to this list.

  • When the commercial motor vehicle (CMV) was struck by a motorist driving under the influence (or related offense)
  • When the CMV was struck by a motorist driving the wrong direction
  • When the CMV was struck in the rear
  • When the CMV was struck while it was legally stopped or parked, including when the vehicle is unattended
  • When the CMV struck an individual committing, or attempting to commit, suicide by stepping or driving in front of the CMV
  • When the CMV sustained disabling damage after striking an animal in the roadway
  • When the crash was the result of an infrastructure failure, or falling trees, rocks, or debris
  • When the CMV was struck by cargo or equipment from another vehicle

If FMCSA reviews a crash RDR and makes a preliminary determination that the crash is Not Preventable, anyone with information to refute a proposed Not Preventable determination may submit it through DataQs before FMCSA makes a final determination. Use the table in the “Public Provides Input” section below to submit your evidence.


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