DOT Clearinghouse Data Shows High Refusal Rate


DOT Clearinghouse Data Shows High Refusal Rate



Scott Mogensen

August 04th, 2020

Drug test refusals account for almost 15% of drug testing violations in the DOT Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse. This is according to data released in the FMCSA’s December 2020 Monthly Summary Report. This report includes all drug and alcohol testing violation data that has been collected since the Clearinghouse went into effect last January.

The belief is that the vast majority of these refusals are drivers trying to avoid a positive test result – something that some drivers have been able to successfully pull off with urinalysis.

The big question is how prevalent this issue is – and how many unqualified drivers are operating on our roadways (and for your company). According to researchers at the University of Central Arkansas, it could be as high as 300,000 nationwide.



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