Happy New Year


Happy New Year,


We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our clients and business partners for a great 2022. 


As you may already know, after 30+ years in the business, Annette has decided to retire.  We wish her the very best and she will be missed.


You can be assured that we will continue to provide the personal service that separates us from our competitors. This year we added we partnered with Bluewire.ai to provide monthlt GAP scores to indentify and correct areas that could lead to a nuclear verdict.  Additional adjustments were made to enhance our website, the alert system, and the online application.  We are currently working with other partner opportunities to enhace our service.  All this is, despite inflation, is being  provided while keeping the cost to our clients steady.


We all wish you and your familys a safe, happy, and prosporous 2023.   



Annette – Ray – Melanie














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