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New law assists veterans in obtaining CDLs

A bill to assist military veterans in obtaining commercial driver’s licenses (CDLs) was signed into law in on January 8, 2018.

The “Jobs for Our Heroes Act,” S. 1393, amends the “FAST Act” by expanding the medical professionals who may perform a driver physical on military personnel and provide a medical certificate for purposes of operating a commercial motor vehicle.

A qualified examiner is now defined as one who:

  • is employed by the Department of Veterans Affairs as an advanced practice nurse, doctor of chiropractic, doctor of medicine, doctor of osteopathy, physician assistant, or other medical professional; and
  • is licensed, certified, or registered in a state to perform physical examinations.

The act also allows covered individuals who have experience in driving vehicles similar to a commercial motor vehicle while serving in the Armed Forces or reserves to apply for an exemption from all or a portion of federal commercial motor vehicle driving test requirements.

The act applies to former and current members of the Armed Forces or reserves.


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