New Technologies Added to DOT Compliance Services Options


We at DOT Compliance Services have always taken the practical approach to safety and compliance.

As technologies have advanced, we have tested, approved, an implemented several upgrades to our service packages.  Beginning with PSP reports and MVR’s we have assisted our clients in making good, informed hiring decisions.  Our agreement with TRW has reduced the MVR costs with those savings passed directly to our clients.  Our new agreement with Samba Safety will drive down that cost even further.  The addition of the alert system has provided our clients with 24/7 access to all dated documents with daily notifications beginning 60 days before expiration.  The online application is a tool to assist in selecting the right candidate for the company.  Recently, we began providing Bluewire Gap Scores which measure the likelihood of a lawsuit resulting in a ‘nuclear verdict.’

And now, moving forward, we like to announce our partnerships with Vimeo and Samba Safety.  These partnerships will bring video messaging and training to our client base.  Beginning July 1, 2023, we will be adding video training, newsletters, and updates to our communications.  These video training documents can be sent directly to the driver, via email, and address training issues based on roadside inspection results, MVR activity , and in some cases, ELD activity.  In addition, clients will have the ability to assign specific training programs to an individual driver or the entire fleet.  The Samba Safety training catalog contains over 200 short training videos that can be selected on size and types of vehicles in your fleet.  Hazmat companies will have access to Hazardous Materials training that meet federal requirements.  The system assigned training programs are based on real time MVR and CSA activity for each individual driver.

Our periodic newsletters will reflect the season and the challenges facing drivers.  Whether it’s ever -changing regulations, inspection blitzes, or sharing best practices, we will be sharing these updates with your drivers.

As always, video communications and training success will hinge on your recommendations and feedback.

As always, feel free to call for further information.

Drive Safe


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